Light Fresh Air in the Car? Now Every Trip Is More Convenient!

Breathing is a life, without which living on our planet is impossible. But sometimes the life of a noisy metropolis and industry destroy all the dreams of being able to breathe fresh air. Especially it can be attributed to transport. When you are in the road with a lot of cars around, and you have a feeling that there is not enough air in the lungs. Familiar?

The company Xiaomi has released an air purifier Mi Car Air Purifier, which replenished the family of the Ecosystem “Smart House”. Previously released models of home air purifiers have become so popular that some of the users started taking them with to the transport. That’s why, given the current pollution problems, the company decided to release the air purifier for the car under the MiJia brand. Well, for those who travel most of the time by public transport, the company also took care of and released special MiJia Air Wear Anti-Fog And Haze Mask masks. The device is quite compact and can easily fit in the car interior, as its dimensions are 112 × 112 × 380 mm, and the weight is only 1.5 kg.

The rear seat headrests are ideal to place the MiJia Car Air Purifier, as it has special belts that will allow it to be conveniently secured. According to the manufacturer, only on this place, the air cleaner can more effectively provide air ventilation in the car’s interior.

Inside the device, a filter H11 from Toray is installed, which is used in various laboratories, where the requirements for hygienic standards are very strict. For the replacement of filter, you will spend no more than 10 seconds.

This cleaner is able to cope with both fine dust, and with drops of liquid, pet hair or even eliminate an unpleasant odor.

The device has a high rate of CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate), which means that the speed of supply of clean air is 60 m3, thanks to the complete engine from the Japanese company NSK and the electronics company Melexis. What is more important, the noise level during the operation of the device 42dB. This is the optimal figure, so you can not worry that the MiJia Car Air Purifier will make a lot of noise.

According to the indicators fill the clean and fresh air in a conventional car device will be in 3 minutes, and in a minibus, approximately 7 minutes. In addition, it has small dimensions and a reliable fastening system, and at the same time, it is made of impact-resistant material.

Management of the cleaner is done through the Mi Home application, where you can correct not only the speed of air purification, but also you can set up a notification to know when to replace the filter. The cleaner does not have a built-in battery, so the power is supplied from the vehicle’s mains.

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