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Sometimes children need an additional motivation to go to school or to the kindergarten. Do you want to ask how to do it? In this case, the new stationeries or the new backpack will help you. And now we want to tell you about a special backpack. Recently the line of Xiaomi backpacks was expanded by a new type of children’s backpacks. You can find them on the crowdfunding platform.

Xiaomi Children's Backpack

They not only win the heart of your child but also will impress you with its practicality. Portable size and in addition to expandable construction. It is very convenient because when you want to clean your backpack you won’t have to shake it. Thanks to a thought through design you can easily do it (backpack can be opened to 180 degrees).

Xiaomi Children's Backpack  pink

It is not recommended to carry more than 10% of the weight of your body in the backpack, especially for children in primary school. It can overload children’s back and influence the posture. The weight of this backpack is only 380g — it is less than a weight of a bottle of water. The size is 220×208×160mm. Soft and convenient straps can distribute the load on child’s shoulders.

The special reflective strips are situated on the sides of the backpack. It will protect your child on the road in the evening. Reliable zipper and the main strap which will allow you to hold the backpack or to hang it on the hook.

Xiaomi Children's Backpack Safety

Xiaomi Children's Backpack Xiaomi Children's Backpack

Generally, this backpack is really qualitative, spacious with an interesting design. And if you still doubt about buying a bag or a backpack for your child, you should know that all the benefits are on the backpack’s side. The bag can load only one hand and it’s not good for the child’s back. If you want to take care about your child’s posture — Xiaomi Childs backpack is the best variant.

Xiaomi Children's Backpack  Full Line

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