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    The problem of clean water is acute in many countries, but in China it is extremely urgent. Xiaomi last year (when they appeared the first rumors about the device) studied a ways to create an inexpensive means for effective water treatment. And finally it presents a small device, that purifies the water, according to the highest standards.

    How does it work?

    The basis of the device are 4 filters, each of which performs its task, economical pump, and a water channels of the unique design, which allowed us to make the device compact.

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    Mi Water Purifier

    Filtering 1,500 liters of water, purified water after the process of reverse osmosis RO, health of your family

    • RO reverse osmosis technology
    • Standards of bottled purified water
    • Filtration rate 8 times faster

    TDS water quality control in real time

    Have you got clean water in your home?
    Tap water contains a lot of the following substances
    Even after boiling water, you can not get rid of them

    Heavy metals (lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, arsenic)
    Inorganics (nitrite fluoro)
    Particulates (rust, sludge)

    One of the most important priority is to have an efficient water purifier.
    Best high-quality technology RO reverse osmosis water filtration

    First-class filter materials US Dow / GE

    People want to open the tap and be able to drink clean water. At the moment only technology RO reverse osmosis water filtration can help resolve this issue. The most accurate filtering technology of water - up to 01% 0 mm (0.0001mkm), the destruction of almost all bacteria, antibiotics and water purification from heavy metals, scale, etc. 4 levels of filtering system, multi-layer purification, removing the possibility of secondary pollution. The world's leading supplier of filters, as a result, you get drinking water that meets the standards of treated water bottling.

    0.0001mkm filtering accuracy
    Filtration of 1,500 liters of water per one membrane

    Efficient removal of water from precipitation, scale, bacteria, heavy metals
    Clean water - good health

    • Bacteria
      from 0.4 to 5 microns
    •  Virus
      0.01 to 0.1 micron
    • Antibiotic
      from 0.001 to 0.01 m
    • Heavy metals
      0.0005 to 0.005 m
    • Inorganics
      0.0002 to 0.005 microns 
    • Organic matter
      molecular weight greater than 100

    Filtering accuracy to 0.1-1 m

    Insect eggs
    Granules grains
    Common Water Purifier

    The accuracy of 0.01-0.1 micron filtration
    Common Water Purifier

    RO reverse osmosis technology
    Filtration accuracy of 0.0001 to 0.001 mm

    Heavy metals
    Organic substances

                                                                                Mi water purifier

    Water quality complies with distilled bottled water
    Mi purifier has passed quality control center for Disease Control and Prevention of China and the authorized body of the domestic US NSF
    The quality of water purifier Mi compliant "GOST food and bottled drinking water." This means that after purification of tap water, its quality is not inferior to the quality of bottled water from the supermarket. Mi purifier has passed quality control center for Disease Control and Prevention of China, which resulted in the removal efficiency of bacteria, heavy metals, inorganic substances and other harmful particles and substances that exceed the industry standard. In addition, Mi purifier and verifiable US National Science Foundation NSF, which determined that the Mi Water Purifier meets the most prestigious worldwide standard NSF 58.

    • 99.9% - The effectiveness of removal of bacteria
    • 99.7% - The removal efficiency of organic matter
    • 99.9% - The removal efficiency of heavy metals
    • 100% - The removal efficiency of antibiotics

    Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Safety, and Environment Product Safety / Testing Center of Guangdong Province microbiological analysis / testing center and analysis of Guangdong Province, China
    Filtering 1,500 liters of water
    The filtration rate 8 times faster

    To solve the problem of slow water supply, conventional water purifiers equipped with special tanks for the storage of clean water, which is, in fact, impossible to wash inside. Thus, there can appear and spread bacteria, which means that there is a huge possibility of secondary pollution of water, and, as a rule, the quality of purified water is significantly below the sanitary safety of the water. In a result of great efforts of engineers, we have increased the capacity of the filter. Firstly, we have improved filter element, filter cartridge in a traditional reverse osmosis RO, we increase the channel through which water flows, as well as significantly increase the area of filtration. As a result, we have greatly improved the efficiency of filtration. Secondly, we have used a booster pump to provide a sufficient amount of water. Ultimately, the filtration efficiency has increased by 8 times, allowing you to unscrew the tap valve and immediately drink fresh and clean water from it.

    50% - water discharge
    1,0l / min - filtration rate

    * Note: water flow rate, the filtration rate will depend on the water temperature, pressure, and quality. The above data are based on such indicators: water temperature 25 ℃, water pressure at 0.2MPa.

    Filtering area is 4 times greater, multichannel filtering water
    If in a traditional filter cartridge is one reverse osmosis membrane filter, we increased this number to 4, as well as reuse of the large size membranes significantly increases the filtration efficiency.

    Using booster pump
    10 million start and stop times, 2,000 hours of continuous rigorous testing standards to ensure adequate water pressure, passable through the RO reverse osmosis membrane.

    Check water quality on a smartphone in real time
    Mi Water Purifier Water Purifier is smart, so thanks to the smartphone and WiFi network, you can check the quality of tap water TDS, and quality of water after treatment in real time. When it comes time to replace the filter on your smartphone will give a reminder. Unlike the old system, when you have to determine the approximate date of filter replacement, Mi Water Purifier is equipped with special built-in water meter and frequency of use of the water purifier, which accurately calculates the lifetime of a particular filter. When the time comes to replace the filter, on your phone in one click to order a new one, so you will be able to maintain an optimal state of operation of the water purifier. Built-in self-test 23 components in the event of problems in the work, will help to solve it quickly.

    Aesthetics in your kitchen
    The surface area of Mi Water Purifier barely area of A4 paper, the installation takes only 5 minutes
    All people want to drink clean water, but often stops them problematic installation of the water purifier. This problem was the starting point in modeling our water purifier. First of all, it should be aesthetically pleasing to look and not to disturb the design ideas in the kitchen. No less important, it was also convenient and easy to install, without prejudice to your repair. After connecting to the water purifier water pipe immediately use it. In order that you could put on the countertop water purifier, our engineers did their best to minimize the space occupied and as a result has achieved that the surface area of Mi Water Purifier barely area of A4 paper. Quick connection to the tap filter installation, with the unpacking of the water purifier, takes a few minutes. As a gift, you will also receive 6 adapters.

    Do you need a water purifier?
    Mi TDS tester for testing water quality
    Test your water at home, in order to determine whether you need a water purifier.
    TDS displayed heavy metal ions in water and soluble salts.

    More than 60 patents for creating aesthetic device in your kitchen
    In the external aesthetics of the water purifier, hides and internal innovation. Reconstruction of every last detail, improved water flow, have created a unique in the world built-in water flow volume. 198 already applied for patent applications of the staffed device, more than 90% of innovative components. After such a complex process of renovation, as a result, we got a water purifier, a surface area which is a bare area of A4 paper, but it filters out 1,500 liters of water. In order to use it were easy, we tried to make the installation of cleaner technology as quickly as possible and affordable, for this, you need only 5 minutes. We provide you with high-quality kitchen gadget technology RO reverse osmosis water filtration.
    5 minutes to install the purifier
    We often do not dare to buy a water purifier because of its installation, but with Mi Water Purifier you will not have any difficulties. Now there is no need to change in your house / apartment water flow circuits, also do not need to damage previously done repairs. All that is needed is to get a small water purifier in the package and put it on the table, connected to a power source and connected to an existing water tap and start using it. You will also receive 6 adapters that fit most faucets that are used in homes, from unpacking to ready for use just 5 minutes time.

    • Remove the aerator     
    • Plug Adapter
    • Connect the touch control

    Waterproof touch control unit
    Dual construction output
    Mi Water Purifier is equipped with a built-in accurate touch control unit water supply, connect it to an existing water tap and immediately proceed to its use.
    Thanks to a sensor unit, you will need one click of a button to switch the supply of distilled water or to ordinary tap water. Closed design, has an extremely high level of protection against water ІPX 6, so you, without the slightest fear can touch it with wet hands.
    Water purifier also has LED power button backlight, the reflection of which also will inform about the quality of water. The blue color indicates that the water is clean and you can drink it. Orange indicates a slightly increased rate TDS tester, so you need to wait until the color turns blue, and only after that, you can drink the water.
    High level of water resistance
    Night Vision Button
    Switch to supply distilled / tap water

    High-quality testers for measuring water purity
    2 built-in probe TDS testers for measuring the quality of water, high corrosion resistance material that provides durability and accuracy of the device.
    Smart protection against overheating
    All cleaners can not withstand the high-temperature water. But our water purifiers have overheating protection, which detects when the flow of hot water, water flow automatically switches to prevent disruption of the filter cartridge and the system water flow.
    Instant result of cleaning technology
    Built-in sensor accuracy, which is to discover the appearance of water in the channel, in a moment, starts the process of purification. High sensitivity to 0.5l / min., Which means that even at a low water pressure still activates the water purifier.
    The lack of water tank eliminates the possibility of its secondary pollution
    In order to solve the problem of purified water feed rate in conventional reverse osmosis, purifiers use special containers. But at the expiration of their extended use you will not be able to clean the water tank, and there may appear and breed many different bacteria, which leads to secondary pollution of water and its quality can not meet the sanitary standards.
    For this reason, engineers have long pondered how to optimize operation technologies of reverse osmosis membranes and the booster pump and eventually reached that purifier filtration to 1500 liters of water, and the cleaning rate was much higher than the rate of traditional water purifier with water tanks. After eliminating the likelihood of secondary contamination, we can guarantee that you will enjoy every drop of clean and fresh water.

    Flow rate of water to 50%
    Piping concentrated impurities to its convenient recycling
    Technology RO reverses osmosis treatment process which requires water for rinsing the outside of the membrane, in order to avoid contamination of the material surface. This is the reason for the presence of impurities concentrated in the use of reverse osmosis technology RO.
    After optimization of the RO membrane and duct system water flow, in Mi Water Purifier water production rate reached 50%, higher than 30% of production standards. In addition, for easy disposal of the concentrated water, we used the phone desktop design, which is in contrast to the traditional design of direct draining, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
    Concentrated water, which removed a precipitate residual chlorine can be used for watering flowers, cleaning the floor, washing, and other things, but strictly forbidden to drink this water.
    Normal purifier: water production efficiency is low, production rate of water 1: 3
    Mi Water Purifier: production of water is higher than industrial standards of water production rate is estimated as 1: 1
    * Note: water flow rate, the filtration rate will depend on the water temperature, pressure, and quality. The above data are based on such indicators: water temperature 25 ℃, the water pressure is 0.2MPa.
    Quick change of filter cartridges
    In order to replace the filter cartridge, you don't need to have special tools. Patented design for the quick change of filter cartridges, you only need to gently turn the filter, not adhering to its exact location and remove it.

    1. Open the top cover
    2. Spin filter cartridge counterclockwise
    3. Insert the new filter cartridge and spin clockwise
    4. Close the top cover
    Unique in the world built-in construction volume flow without leakage of water
    In the conventional water purifier, water leakage risk is very great, as is necessary to make 40 pipe connectors for the system water flow and, consequently, the more connection points, the greater the danger of water leakage. In order to reduce the number of connection components, engineers have come more than 300 device design improvements. As a result, instead of the connecting elements 40 in conventional cleaners, we use one unique in the world making bulk water flow. Within this structure, there is no single point of connection, but it combines 4 level 5 directions of three-dimensional flow of water. This not only contributes to harnessing each inch interior space, reduces the volume of the water purifier, but also eliminates the risk of breakage of connection points, and consequently the water leakage. The use of first-class world aviamateriala SABIC (Saab) PPO, which maintains strong pressure to 3.6MPa, use cleaner without any worries.
    The lack of security breaches
    Net handling, selling and distribution

    Water purifiers are directly related to the health and safety of the consumer, so we did not use harmful materials and at the same time, we turn our attention to the manufacturing process of the device is clean. Prior to each assembly, all the parts yielded thorough rinsing with purified water to the same assembly was accomplished in a clean shop. After completion of the assembly, we also re-performed procedure sanitizing pipelines. Before releasing the product from the factory, each wrapped in a water purifier vacuum packaging to avoid secondary pollution during transportation. Therefore we can guarantee that delivered Mi Water Purifier is new and clean.
    Clean Shop
    Ensuring that during the assembly, components can not be secondary polluted
    Washing and disinfecting of components
    Thorough washing of all parts with purified water, pipeline disinfection of ready purifier
    Selling and distribution
    Encapsulated packaging of the finished product, to avoid secondary pollution during transportation

    The world's leading suppliers of
    Testing and certification of all components


    Mi Water Purifier provides you with purified water, proper sanitation standards, not only through the use of advanced technology but also due to the fact that we have carefully selected each item. To avoid leakage of hazardous substances, the manufacturer, the main and most important component, we chose the world's leading suppliers. We also engaged reputable companies of research and certifying authorities, which severely tested the safety of the main parts of our water purifier. After these tests, we can vouch for your safety and health.

    The world's leading suppliers   
    Scientific research companies and organizations

    Suppliers of high quality: SHIMPO (Japan), Apollo, Johnson & Johnson, Zhuo Yi, Netac, Guanyuda

    Each Mi Water Purifier before leaving the factory,
    undergoes a rigorous 100% test


    We have very strict criteria for testing, in order to accurately determine whether Mi Water Purifier matches the standard. For example: testing the reference pressure test high / low-pressure water and 8 other verification methods. Only after a successful 100% completion of all tests, the water purifier is released from the factory. Moreover, each component part is also amenable to rigorous testing before you start using it, so we and our suppliers very seriously carry out our work to meet the high-quality standards.

    RO reverse osmosis technology
    The most accurate filtering technology

    Our bodies are 70% water, but not all of the water is suitable for drinking. After treatment and release of water from the plant, it can absorb the rust from the pipeline, and even after you boil it, you will not be so removed from her heavy metals and heat resistant bacteria. Mi Water Purifier is equipped with technology of reverse osmosis RO, which is by far the best water filtration system that removes heavy metals, antibiotics, organic substances. This technology is incorporated 4-level filtering system that removes the water from rust, scale, antibiotics and bad smell. Clean and fresh water - a healthy lifestyle, so after such a challenging and high-filtration systems, you can enjoy drinking clean and tasty water.

    Source water
    PP cotton - removing the precipitate of solid particles and other larger particles
    Granular activated carbon - removes bad odor and chlorine residues
    RO - deletes antibiotics, organic matter, heavy metals, inorganic substances, bacteria concentrated water
    Granular activated carbon - to improve the taste
    Pure water

    RO Reverse Osmosis
    Precision filtration to 0,0001mkm

    The entire water purifier filter system is divided into microfiltration, ultrafiltration, RO. Although microfiltration and ultrafiltration are used quite frequently, but these methods are not completely removing scale, heavy metals, and harmful organic substances. Mi Water Purifier is equipped with high technology, reverse osmosis RO, which is able to filter out 0,0001mkm, ultra filtration water purifier with an increase in the accuracy of 100 times.

    RO reverse osmosis - advanced filtering technology, which is not only used for water treatment, the same system is used for filtering seawater desalination, aircraft carriers, and space stations.

    1 filter cartridge with PP cotton
    Filter the precipitate, turbidity, corrosion etc.

    After the tap water received in the filter, it first passes through detoxification of PP cotton filter cartridge, which has no odor. Thus begins the primary water treatment. The first level of filtering accuracy of 5 microns, can remove the sediments of the pipeline, dust, and other large impurities.

    In order to extend the life, the design of the PP cotton filter cartridge Mi Water Purifier is soft on the outside and smooth inside and spends it gradually from outside to the inside, layer by layer. This not only increases the utilization rate of the filter cartridge but also prevents secondary contamination of the water.

    The accuracy of filtering to 5 microns         technology "from the outside to the inside"

    The first level of filtering accuracy of 5 microns removes large particles

    2 Input filter cartridge with particles of coconut shell and active charcoal
    Adsorption of odor, color, chlorine, etc.
    After removing the coarse particles, active charcoal begins to withdraw water from chemicals. On the outer side of the block from the particles of coconut shell has a plurality of small holes that are removed from the water adsorbed peculiar smell, color, and the water residual chlorine. Elements of organic substances and cleaned thanks to coconut shell.

    Selected coal from Filipino island, Sri Lanka, and other first-class coal deposits. The specific surface area of the adsorbent is comparable to the area of 21 football fields! In order to enhance the activity of the charcoal particles in the filter used detoxification, pickled friendly technologies. Thanks to this period of exploitation of the filter cartridge increase and rise levels of adsorption.

    1100mg / g                                                                175 000m2
    High adsorption of iodine                                         adsorption area

    Neutral Carbon
    The small surface area, a low adsorption
    Neutral Carbon
    The small surface area

    Mi filter particles of coconut shell
    Increasing the area of the adsorbed surface high rate of adsorption
    Large holes
    Small holes

    3 Filter RO reverse osmosis
    First-class filter materials US Dow / GE
    The third and the key is the level of RO reverse osmosis filtration. Filtering quality is dependent on the membrane filter and the filter cartridge technology. For Mi Water Purifier, we have chosen the world's leading supplier of filters - The DOW Chemical Company USA, GE reverse osmosis membrane. Volume cleaning (speed desalination) 95%, well above the industry standard.

    To increase the speed of cleaning, the increase rate of water production, we have optimized the traditional technology and reverse osmosis using multiple membranes formed one filter cartridge. Moreover, we increased membrane area 4 times. As a result of these improvements, the cleaning rate increased by 8 times.

    filtering accuracy

    1L / min
    Filtration rate

    4 times
    increased membrane area

    Mi filter reverses osmosis                                                             desalination rate of 95%
    Industry standards                                                                          90% rate of desalination

    Notes: Examples according to the statistics provided by the test report of household appliances in China

    Effectively filters out the heavy metals, bacteria, organic substances, etc.
    Bacteria                                                                            Virus
    from 0.4 to 5 microns                                                        0.01 to 0.1 micron

    antibiotic                                                                           Heavy metals
    from 0.001 to 0.01 m,                                                          0.0005 to 0.005 m

    Inorganics                                                                             Organic matter
    0.0002 to 0.005 microns                                                     molecular weight greater than 100

    Filtering faster in 8 times
    Many membrane technologies, filtration 1500 liters of water

    Most water purifiers with technology RO reverse osmosis purifies 200l of water, respectively, the filtration rate 0.2L / min., which is very slow. To effectively address this issue, it was necessary to increase the area of the membrane. Therefore, we have optimized the technology and the traditional one filter membrane created many membranes. As a result, the water permeability through many channels, we have improved the water quality and the rate of filtration.

    Traditional audio filters membrane
    Water flow is small, the filtration rate is low

    Many membrane filter Mi Water Purifier
    Filtering faster in 8 times

    * Note: water flow rate, the filtration rate will depend on the water temperature, pressure, and quality. The above data are based on such indicators: water temperature 25 ℃, the water pressure is 0.2MPa.

    4 filter cartridge with particles of coconut shell activated carbon and water withdrawal
    Improving the taste of water

    In water filter, cartridge 2 levels are used the same filter with coconut shell particles, as in the second filter cartridge. At this stage, the purification of water from specific odors improves the taste of water itself.

    Water quality complies with distilled bottled water

    99.9% - The effectiveness of removal of bacteria

    99.7% - The removal efficiency of organic matter

    99.9% - The removal efficiency of heavy metals

    100% - The removal efficiency of antibiotics

    Cleaning 76 barrels of water every day
    1.0l / min × 1440min / day ÷ 18.9l / bbl. Bbl = 76
    Proper feed rate of drinking water

    A leading global supplier of raw materials for filters
    Only the best filter materials can be used to clean the water. Around the world, we chose the best suppliers of raw material for filters. In addition, we use our efforts and disinterested prestigious scientific testing organization, tested and verified all of the materials and parts for compliance with quality and safety. That is why Mi Water Purifier produces clean and tasty water.

    The water quality reaches the standard of distilled bottled water
    It meets new standards of "national security of food and drinking water"
    Do not underestimate the importance of the issue of drinking water quality and its impact on our health. In order to have reliable information on water quality, according to the requirements of "quality standards of bottled drinking water", "quality standard domestic hot water" and others, to test the water, we invited authoritative organization testing more than 400 different water quality data. The results of this study show that a number of indicators of water quality Mi Water Purifier above the national standard GOST.
    For example, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, environmental security, and safety products in China found that the performance Mi Water Purifier Water purification from impurities, bacteria, heavy metals and other harmful substances that exceed the performance of government and industry standards.
    This means that the water quality Mi Water Purifier is not inferior to the purchase of high-quality purified water.

     99.9% - The effectiveness of removal of bacteria
    99.7%  - The removal efficiency of organic matter
    99.9%  - The removal efficiency of heavy metals

    US National Science Foundation NSF determined that Mi Water Purifier meets the most prestigious worldwide standard NSF 58
    In order to ensure the safety of our water, we not only check the water itself but also to test the complete device ready to be confident in the fact that as a result of the long-term operation, on its inner walls do not appear harmful substances. For this very rigorous testing, we invited the US National Science Foundation NSF, who tested the device on 77 real possibilities of precipitation.

    The test results meet the strict standards of the US NSF58. Relevant authoritative institutions held more than 475 tests to check a complete device and water quality on the efficiency of removal of bacteria, antibiotics, chemicals, heavy metals and other aspects. The results of numerous tests Mi Water Purifier exceed established standards. For example, the efficiency of water purification from lead, arsenic, fluoride and many other harmful substances exceed the national standard of 10 percentage points.

    223 points                                                                                    18 points
    water quality                                                                  standards for drinking bottled water
    bottled water

    31 points                                                                                      89 points
    Checked the results of water cleaning            test for the formation of harmful substances into the device

    77 points                                                                                        35 points
    Standard NSF58                                                                  reporting on water quality

    Every family should have Mi Water Purifier
    We all know that you can not immediately drink the tap water. Is it possible to drink after it boils? Scientific studies tell us that if we boil water, then all the harmful heavy metals, rust, sediment, temperature-resistant bacteria, residual chlorine, and agrochemical products are not displayed and are not removed from it. Moreover, if you do not drink all the purified water in a bottle, and it costs you for a long time, soon it may also appear bacteria. Fresh drinking water is the way to good health, so every family must have Mi Water Purifier.
    Strong scale                                   contamination of water sources
    Old pipeline                                    Many heavy metals
    Families with children                      water with specific odor
    Families with elderly                        Turbid water

    Purified water is healthy drinking water
    Previously, it was customary to think that over pure water devoid of various minerals, trace elements, but scientific research has long been proved. Science states that purified water is healthy drinking water. In water containing minerals and nutrients needed by the human organism
    Not equipped with the technology RO reverse osmosis water purifiers do not naturally remove from the water beneficial minerals, but they also do not remove harmful for our body heavy metals. Mi Water Purifier is fully consistent with the standards of drinking water quality and significantly improves the quality of water.
    1Iz section CCTV «Life", an interview with the honorary chairman of the China Association of Power Mr. Shen Zhiping

    Connecting the water purifier to the phone
    Mi Water Purifier is the smart water purifier has a built-in WiFi, so all family members can connect to the cleaner through your smartphone. Now you can check the water quality on your phone. You never know when you need to change the filter? Do not worry, because your smartphone will be notified that it is time to replace the filter at the same time in a single click, you can order a new one. The water purifier is very simple to use, so you will not have any problems.
    Download the app Mi Water Purifier for Android / iOS

    006 TDS
    Drinking water after the filtration

    A good supply of clean water
    Built-in high TDS water quality tester
    Mi Water Purifier will not only help purify water, but it can also give you information about the water quality before and after filtration. Built-in high-sensitivity water tester TDS quality control in real time, as soon as opened app on your smartphone, you will immediately see the status of water. Thanks to built-in high flow meter with a measurement accuracy of up to 1 milliliter, you can also see the water flow and to know exactly the data on the used water. Under normal conditions, the lower the TDS, the less dissolved solids in the water, the better the quality of water.
    Accuracy                           titanium metal
    ± 3%                                     Ti
    The accuracy of water quality testing TDS
    High Sensitivity                               Accuracy
    0,3l / min                                        1 ml
    High-sensitive tester
    A reminder to replace the filter cartridge
    Order a new filter in one click

    In conventional water purifiers, you can only approximate the date of filter replacement. Too early replacement of the filter are unnecessary costs, too late - affects the quality of water treatment and contributes to secondary pollution. Mi Water Purifier is equipped with smart technology that accurately determines the life of the filter based on the characteristics and water quality of a given region, your daily consumption and provides data on your smartphone of the remaining useful life of the filter.
    No longer do you need to determine the date of filter replacement. In addition, when the time comes to replace it, you can immediately order a new filter on your smartphone and you will quickly take him home.

    Check lifetime real-time
    Reminder to replace filter
    Quick order
    Quality goods
    Self-diagnosis function indicates an error operation
    Do not worry!

    Before the release of Mi Water Purifier from the factory, each purifier is thoroughly tested. To make you less worried about the possible problems, we have equipped with a built-in purifier independent module of self-diagnostics, an automatic check of 23 major components. If you have any questions with, you can try to solve them by following the suggestions in your smartphone. You can also call the service center and inform them of the results of self-diagnosis, after which you will consult and assist in solving your questions.
    1 minute to connect to the phone purifier
    After installing the application Mi Water Purifier, on your smartphone automatically starts searching for water purifier, and with one click you connect the cleaner to the smartphone. In real time you can check your daily water consumption, water quality TDS and more. Also available as the function of remote access to the water purifier, so even when not at home, you will still be able to monitor water quality.
    Sign in App Mi Water Purifier  for Home
    And starts an automatic search of the water purifier

  • Specifications
    Type System for filtering water
    Amount of filters 4
    Filter filled with wool Clears larger particles, rust, algae, sand, etc.
    The filter of activated carbon granules Clears from chlorine, various additives, destroys odors and other chemicals.
    Filter Biological Protection Clears water from antibiotics, bacteria, heavy metals, microorganisms.
    Filters from carbon granules Final purification of water from the remaining fine particles.
    Efficiency 100 %
    Volume of water treatment per day, liters 1440
    Amount of adapters in the kit 6
    Managing your smartphone With the application, the tools included in the firmware MIUI.
    An apparatus for monitoring water quality Mi TDS Pen (not included, sold separately)
    Dimensions: 205x260x410 mm
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Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier
Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier
Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier
Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier
Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier
Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier
Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier
Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier