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    We represent you Mi Band - smart bracelet with lots of useful features from the company Xiaomi. Mi Band Xiaomi smartphone connects to via Bluetooth and can operate without recharging for 30 days.

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    We represent you Mi Band - smart bracelet with lots of useful features from the company Xiaomi. Mi Band Xiaomi smartphone connects to via Bluetooth and can operate without recharging for 30 days.

    Daily update!

    With bracelet Mi Band you have the opportunity every day to measure the distance traveled, to control the number of calories burned while you exercise, as well as set the frequency bracelet phases of your sleep and put alarm clocks. Mi Band will help you take your life movement under control!

    Morning running? No problem! Fitness Bracelet Mi Band provides complete information about the distance which you have overcome, and calculates the number of steps traveled and calories burned.

    Evening biking? So much the better! Do not forget to wear Mi Band, and all the information about your the mileage displayed on the smartphone screen.

    Even the evening meeting with friends or shopping sessions did not go unnoticed with your new friend! Enjoy life and control your level of physical activity will the new bracelet fitness Xiaomi Mi Band.

    To feel fresh and full of energy, you just need to fully sleep. And in order to provide healthy sleep and a light morning rise, come to the aid Mi Band, capable of controlling the phase of your sleep and wakes you in the time you set.

    Mi Band works while you sleep!

    And with the onset of the morning gives you a bracelet momentum that will make you wake up.

    Bluetooth connectivity in real-time!

    Once you have connected to your phone by Bluetooth, the bracelet is connected around the clock. Due to the low level of energy bracelet is capable of functioning without charge for thirty days. When you open the application for the special Mi Band will display basic information. Moreover, after one year of use of the bracelet, he collected data are analyzed on the basis of which you have the opportunity to obtain medical advice on a healthy lifestyle.

    It is also worth noting the possibility of sharing the story of your physical activity with friends and acquaintances on Twitter or other social networks.

    Easy unlock the screen!

    Now, in order to unlock the screen of your smartphone, no need to remember complex combinations. Just raise the hand, which is worn bracelet Mi Band. Therefore you greatly increase the level of safety with regard to access to your smartphone unauthorized persons.

    Control of incoming calls!

    With bracelet Mi Band You'll never miss an important phone call. Being in a noisy environment, which mutes audio call a smartphone, you can count on your new friend, who after a time-out will notify you of an incoming call by vibration.

    The components that make up the bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band, are motion sensor chip and Bluetooth 4.0. Feeds bracelet by 225 mAh battery that provides a stable operation of the device for more than four years. And ultra-low power consumption ensures continuous operation Mi Band for 30 days.

    30 days without recharging!

    After the battery is fully charged bracelet can be used continuously for 30 days, which is 4 times higher than the average duration of the charge of this device.

    Waterproof level IP67!

    Due to the level of water resistance IP67 Mi Band is protected against water and dust, allowing water sports without having to remove the device.

    The search function bracelet

    Mi band, among other things, equipped with a search function. For a perfect search just click on "Find Mi Band" from your smartphone, and bracelet will vibrate and flash, provided that it is in the range of Bluetooth signal.

    The future - modern technology. With smart bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band future - in your hands!

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Xiaomi
    Type Sports bracelet
    iOS +
    Android +
    Bracelet Size, mm strap length: 230 mm (adjustable from 157 to 205 mm), the size of the sensor: 36x14x9mm
    Housing material plastic, rubber
    Battery life, hours up to 720
    Indication a series of LEDs
    Pulsometer  -
    Tracking sleep  +
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Xiaomi Mi Band Black + Mi Band Strap Orange
Xiaomi Mi Band Black + Mi Band Strap Orange